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Tsunade was limping about in the Mixlands as she felt a powerful blow hit across her stomach.. shit.. the cubs were coming. She hissed with annoyance. "Oh shit.." she whispered as she collapsed to her paws, a scream of pain echoing through the Mixlands. "THE CUBS ARE COMING! IT'S AN EARLY BIRTH! YOU MUST HELP! THE HEIRS ARE IN YOUR PAWS!" she said, taking deep breaths, hoping someone would hear her. Where was Mafan?

Mafan lapped up water from the small pond, quietly thinking about the cubs. They would be here in a few days, and Mafan still was going to use the time that remained to thi-. Mafan rose his head, looking back towards the den as a cry of pain wrung through the air. "Tsunade? Tsunade!?" Mafan bounded to the side, running at full speed back to the dens. "Tsunade what's wrong!?"

Tsunade panted and crawled into the den, it felt as if her belly was going to explode. "Mafan.. the cubs are coming.. I need you here." she whimpered, laying on her side. "It's early.. I know.. but the heirs depend on the both of us if we try." she said between pants, one push sent out a painful roar from her.

Mafan's eyes were the size of tennis balls by the time Tsunade had finished, and his jaw was on the floor. "But but but but but but......" Mafan had no time to stutter and - after shaking his head - grabbed Tsunade and pulled her into the soft dirt out cove of the den. "Tsunade, I don't knwo a damn thing I'm supposed to do, so you HAVE to tell me what you need!"

Tsunade smiled and nuzzled him. "I need you to calm down. You must give me moss balls filled with water. After that, I need you to push on my stomach." she said with a weak smile. "After that, I need food and water.. then you get to see your cubs!" she said, wheezing as she took a deep breath every time she spoke. "Hurry, please, love!" she called to him.

Mafan nodded and licked his mate's forehead, quickly dashing out of the den and to the much closer water hole. he took in a deep breath and dove his head under water, grabbing the moss and other plants below the surface. He pulled his head out, working quickly and frantically to ball up the moss.

Tsunade nodded and crawled, tearing up as pain swelled through her. "Ugh!" she hissed as she went to the little den that she and Mafan made, blood all over the den, it was horrifying to see.. their royal dorm bloodied up. She shook her head and pushed, roaring in pain. "WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HURT?! WHY CAN'T IT BE PAINLESS?!?!" she screeched to herself.

Mafan held the moss balls gently in his teeth as he sprinted back, hitting his head as he forgot he had to go down to get to the lower den. "Unh..." Mafan shook his head, trotting down and dropping the balls in front of his queen. "Wh-what else do you need, dear?" He managed to gasp out, panting deeply trying to regain his wind.|

Tsunade smiled to Mafan as in her paws held fragile.. healthy cubs, she purred. "Dear.. they're beautiful.. i'm tired as hell... nngh... it still hurts." she said with a sigh as she had dried tears on her cheeks, she groaned and let the cubs suckle. "I need to rest now.. I'll be walking about with the cubs in the morning. Good night my king." she said with a smile as she went to sleep, her cubs in her paws.

"I've always liked the names.. Prince Neo and.. Princess Furaha.." she whispered as she slowly opened her eyes. "I need to name them first before I go to sleep..."

Mafan's heavy breathing was no longer required after a moment and he looked down to his small cubs. "Tsunade I... they're beautiful." Mafan purred happily, laying down and licking his children clean. "Love, those are beautiful names." He gently grabbed hold of the prince, putting him in his paws. "Well now, aren't you a unique looking little thing? My Tsunade, sleep now, I'll take care of them."

Tsunade smiled and licked his cheek lovingly before peacefully setting her eyes down to sleep. "Thank you, m'love.." she said with a smile before blackness took over her, pain fading away slowly...


And then Bloss was a butt and went to bed! so a continuation some time tomorrow
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